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Sweetening Life for 100 Years Started our journey as TopalKadir’s Bakery in 1918 and entered into the bakery market under the trademark “Maun” in year 2011.We have succeeded becoming one of the preferred trademark in short time in domestic market and abroad thanks to our hygienic and reliable tastes.We continue growing, developing and shaping the sector with our 100 years of past, innovative approach helping us keeping pace with the modern times besides sticking to our deep rooted values together with our modern facility and cutting-edge technology equipment. Our objective is to continue producing quality and delicious products with compromising the values that are raison d’être for us and to contribute growth and development of our business partners.
HASAN MASAT, who started to trade in 1965 by making sweet sales on the table, went to Syria for 10 years to learn about the construction of Kunefe in 1980 and he returned in 1990 and established the first kunafeh production facility. Hasan Masat, who keeps quality and hygiene at the forefront; received the certificates of iso 9001 quality management system and iso 22000 food safety management system certificates. Hasan Masat continuing with 7 branch, 2 production facility, 2 logistic warehouse and 67 dealers and distributing point continues to gain your confidence by providing quality and hygienic products to you dear customers ...
We manufacture and supply baklava, baklawa, baclava, pistachio baklava, walnut baklava, kadaifi, shredded wheat, shredded phyllo dough, multiflaked pastry with cream, clam baklava...
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Our company was founded in 1970 by Haci Zeki AKTAS. Our mission is to offer unique flavors to all customers.HACI HASANOGULLARI has been operating in a small factory in Gulbahce district in 1970’s BURSA city.Our company started to produce BAKLAVA under difficult conditions.In 1983 we started to increase sales with our store opened in the BURSA city center.Since 1995, we have started to growth our company and creating our corporate identity.In 2005 we decided to increase our branch count and establish a nationwide (TURKIYE) dealership network.In 2010, we became a model company with product quality and customer satisfaction.We started exporting “BAKLAVA” for Europe and Arab Countries in the same year.For 40 years, we continue to grow our company. We have a lot of work to do … With our love and respect
Our company was established in 1986 in Fidyekizik Village of Bursa as a candied chestnut production company. After R&D works, the market share was increased by presenting long life pasteurized products (shelf life of 1 year). Having the goal of being natural and producing natural foodstuffs our company took firm steps towards with sugarless 100% fruit, pure jams and other jams. Under "Kestat" brand we present 75 kinds of jams (tomato, eggplant, gum mastic, blackberry, bergamot, bitter orange etc.) Furthermore frozen aspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen blueberries, frozen chestnuts, raisins, dried figs and dried apricots are among the products. Wishing to gain the confidence of the idea of creating a permanent and long-term cooperation with you..
When we dream, there are things that fill our hearts with happiness and make our faces smile. Sometimes love, sometimes a delicious meal eaten with the family, sometimes a nice conversation, sometimes trying something that has never been tried. For us, there is something at the top of this list: cake! As a team that brings together the experience of years, the excitement of doing what it loves, with its innovative perspective and youthful energy, we have made our dream that makes us the most happy come true and created the Gourmet Cake brand. We are a family that believes in happiness and good memories, which are made by good tastes. Welcome aboard!
La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) is a 100% Belgian-owned family company active in the European milling and baking sectors. Together with its 4.000 employees, LLBG wants to primarily become a better company with each passing year, through : daring entrepreneurship for sustainable growth shared passion for the best products in each segment strong, local support for all of our customers in 25 countries efficient operations from 12 European production units
We have brought ANTEPLIOGLU Sweet Baklava, which was first established in Istanbul in 1994, to the day-to-day by branching to the family. We heard the need to set up PURTAT company to separate our production and our branches because of the increase of imitations under the name of Antep and the sale of poor quality products, the customers being victims, branding and awareness decreasing. With our past experience as PURTAT, we succeeded in becoming a corporate company by completing all the documents in a short time in our production facility and full staffing. We are continuing our production and sales activities with the name ANTEPLIOGLU PURTAT, keeping the confidence and quality in the foreground. Our products are produced under the supervision of our food engineers, from carefully selected raw materials through quality control and R & D studies, using hygienic conditions and environmentally friendly technology.
Our company, AFERIN GIDA has been continuing its way without compromising its flavor and quality since 2007, along with the principle of providing the same taste and the tact of the homemade natural pastry production to the sweet and beverage sections of the cafes and restaurants as it has been providing for the hotels and restaurants in more corporate and innovative structure for years, while embellishing these gourmet environments. We are honoured and proud of offering you better services and high quality products.